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How can I learn more about forex trading?

I was looking to see if some experienced forex traders could point me in a direction to get more information about strategies. I have the read the books and used online tools, but I still need more guidance. What other resources can I use to help me understand forex trading better that don't require paying for a class?

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June 2018

If you are talking about individually trading your own money in the forex markets, my guidance to you would be .. DON'T.

These markets are dominated and controlled by massive institutions who have more information and technology than you could ever dream of. I know because I worked for many years as part of that machine. The traders who work for these institutions laugh at the suckers who try to do this stuff on their own on the internet and happily gobble them up for lunch.

Understand how much you don't know, understand who you are up against and that they know a million times more than you and have firepower that you can barely imagine, understand capital gains tax rules, understand the 24 hour nature of this mostly unregulated market - and then find something else to do with your life and your money than being the butt end of jokes of professional currency traders who work for big institutions before they go out and destroy your capital while you flounder around with your internet connection and complete lack of knowledge about what is moving forex markets at that time. 

June 2018