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How can I make my $250,000 inheritance last for retirement?

I am inheriting $250,000. I have no savings or retirement at 54 years old. How can I invest this money to make it last?

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April 2019

Here's some advice I would give, based on limited knowledge of your situation:

1. Act like you don't have it. Don't spend it, don't tell your friends. You are most likely behind the ball saving for retirement so putting this to work is crucial.

2. Call a professional. Preferrably a Certified Financial Planner or some type of fidicuary who puts your interests ahead of their own.

3. I would not try to navigate the investment world on your own. With no savings at your age, you probably would not be best served starting to manage it now.

Good luck.

Brandon Opre


April 2019
April 2019
April 2019
April 2019