How can a self-employed single mother begin investing with $100 to $700?

I am a self-employed single mother with six children. I am interested in beginning investing. Is it smart to invest with limited income, or is investing only recommended for people who are affluent? I can invest $100 to $700. Where should I start?

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4 days ago
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First of all, great job living within your means so you have extra monthly money to invest.  Step one is to make sure you have at least 3 months' of living expenses set aside in a savings account.  That will provide a cushion if your income is less than expected.

Next, you can consider a self-employed retirement account.  This allows you to put money aside and deduct the savings from your taxes.  The investments can generally start small in these account.  If you are a solo business owner with no employees a SEP IRA or Self Employed 401(k) are cost effective retirement accounts that you can open.

Another option is just a regular Individual Retirement Account (IRA) or Roth IRA.  These accounts also give you tax benefits for investing.

A chart that I like to compare the different small business retirement account options is on  Here is the link.

Hope that helps!


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