How do retirees find a financial advisor or CFP that they can trust?

Choosing an Advisor
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June 2016
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Finding the right financial advisor can often be a difficult and even daunting task. The first place to search would be to find a Certified Financial Planner™ Practitioner near you. You can also check with a trusted friend or family member if they have worked or currently work with anyone. Additionally, your accountant or lawyer will most likely be able to refer you to a trusted source.

Once you have found at least a couple of candidates, it is important to interview each of them to understand more about how they work with clients and the services they offer. You should always work with someone who is held to a fiduciary standard so that you know your interests as the client always come first. The AIF® (Accredited Investment Fiduciary) designation signifies that the holder has a thorough knowledge of this fiduciary standard of care.

Lastly, you should also verify the credentials of anyone you plan on working with before moving forward with the relationship. The previously mentioned website,, also allows you to verify CFP® professionals have a clean background. Also,, will allow you to check an advisors’ work history as well as any disclosure events against him/her.

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