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If I live in one state and work in another, which state do I owe state taxes to?

I live in a state where I have my home address. I work ina different state. I also do work from home. When I travel, I stay in a hotel. Will my state tax fall in the state I live in or the state I work in? Can travel/hotel expenses can be deducted in the year end filing?

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December 2018

It is possible that you owe taxes to both states. You might, however, get credit for the income taxes paid to the non-resident state on your home state tax return. If they are bordering states it is possible that they have a reciprocal tax relationship. I would highly recommend to use a tax professional to file your return next year, either a CPA or Enrolled Agent. Regarding your unreimbursed expenses, if you are a W2 employee the new tax law does away with the unreimbursed employee expense deduction. If you are a contractor considered self employed, then you might be able to deduct your expenses on schedule C, but certainly confirm with your tax professional.

December 2018
December 2018