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Is it possible for a 79 year old married person to legally stop paying taxes on social security?

I am 79 years old and my wife is 78 years old (working part time). I am drawing two Social Security checks, a small retirement, and around $30,000 annual gross income other than Social Security.


Marriage / Divorce, Social Security
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March 2016

The IRS has a quick way to identify if your social security may be taxable:  Add all of your income (retirement, part time work, and interest) and 1/2 of your total Social Security benefits.  For married couples, if the amount is over $32,000 then some of your Social Security benefits will be taxable.

This doesn't tell you how much will be taxable, just gives you an idea whether of not some of it will be taxed.  Based on the scenario you provided, some portion of your Social Security will be taxed.