Is it wise to continue an aggressive investing strategy as a 61-year-old with a considerable amount of assets and money saved?

I have an IRA account with approximately $150,000, a 401(k) with approximately $30,000, and a mutual fund with approximately $25,000. I own a rental property, two homes, and my spouse plans to work 10 years beyond my retirement. I plan on retiring at age 67. I invest aggressively, mostly in stocks, with my retirement accounts. Is an aggressive investing strategy a good approach, considering my financial situation and age?

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2 days ago
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Understanding that you will need income starting at age 67 for 25 to 30 years, it would be beneficial to continue with equity investments during that time as long as you are not scared with the market ups and downs. Over this time horizon, you will more than likely see another two, three or more full market cycles (highs and lows). 

One consideration is to not invest directly in stocks unless you are able to diversify across at least 40 or 50 stocks. If not, you should consider a couple of index funds instead to reduce the risk of owning fewer securities. 

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