My advisor will not share information about what companies to invest in; is this reason to find a new advisor?

I have had a simple IRA account since April 2017. My original financial advisor was not a good fit so I found another one. My current advisor will not provide any information about how to invest in different companies. I'm new to investing and want to learn more about investing in various companies. How do I go about this? Should I find another advisor?

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You’re smart enough to fire the first one when realizing it’s the wrong fit, so what stops you the second time for not communicating well?  Besides those two reasons, high fees and no follow-up would be two other causes for clients leaving their advisors.  So, now you know what kind of advisors you are looking for.

Ideally you want to start with the recommendations from family/friends, and through interviews you select the advisor that you find the most compatible to work with, have the knowledge to help your needs, convey the message with clarity and conciseness, and follow up with great care.  In this day and age, with the technology (Facetime, Skype, Google Hangout, etc.), distance is no excuse to choose a subpar advisor, only if you don’t care about your money.  Go out there, start the interview to find your perfect advisor.  Best!

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