Should I be wary of fake news in the business sector?

Fake news has been a very controversial topic since the presidential race. However, I am curious as to if fake news applies to business related matters and the economy. When reading about markets online, through social media, and even newspapers, should I be concerned about fake news with any of these outlets? Should I be paying close attention to news sources and the information they are providing? Are there already some sources that are not totally trustworthy or their news is skewed/bias?

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February 2017

Great question! I wish there was less financial news in general, real or otherwise. My suggestion is to work with a financial advisor who has your best interest at heart (the word fiduciary is used here often) and create a low-cost, diversified portfolio of mutual funds and ETFs that makes sense for your time horizon and risk tolerance. Revisit the portfolio 2-3 times per year to make sure the percentages of investments are where you want them. Keep the investments no matter what is happening in the news. Remember, you have to suffer through the hard times to benefit from the economy's growth in good times.

After you have your portfolio set, turn off the financial news and watch HGTV, Walking Dead, or other entertainment of your choice.

February 2017
February 2017