Should I continue to contribute towards my retirement or pay off my debt in a bull market?

I'm contributing a small amount towards my retirement ($2,500/annually) even though it could go towards paying off my debt. Now that we are in a bull market, should I continue retirement contributions or stop until we hit a bear market? Even though paying more principle on my debt will help, my retirement accounts only have to earn 4.78% to offset the 17% interest on my debt.

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2 weeks ago
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We've been in a bull market since the spring of 2009 and as stock prices move higher overall valuations are getting quite stretched.  Although no one can predict the future, almost every year has had an interim correction of 10% or so and it's increasingly likely that a substantial temporary pullback lies ahead.  With rare exception, it's been a good idea to concentrate on debt reduction first.  The interest rate on your debt appears to be fixed, but the return on your retirement accounts could be in the black . . . or in the red, at least over the next year or two.  Given these circumstances, you would be best served whittling down the debt and then making further contributions to your retirement accounts.  

Speculating on the course of the stock market is risky in the extreme.  Over time, stock prices move higher, but there have been many substantial pullbacks along the way.  With that understanding, I think your best course is debt reduction first, then adding to your retirement accounts.

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