Should I downsize my apartment so that I can focus on paying off my credit card debt, 401(k) loan and car payment?

I am 27 years old and I earn $50,000 annually. I have $30,000 saved in my 401(k), with approximately $10,000 in credit card debit at 18% interest, a $4,000 401(k) loan (which I will have paid off in the next six months) and a $22,000 car note at 3% interest. I have been working overtime hours consistently and have been making more than the minimum payments in order to significantly lower my debt by several thousand dollars in the last five months. Do you recommend downsizing my apartment and renting a room from a roommate, so I can focus on paying off more of my debt and saving, should or continue to pay off the debt the way I am doing now? 

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5 days ago

The more debt you pay off earlier the better.  If lowering living expenses is a possibility without affecting your well being, then by all means, do it now and enjoy a better financial life in the near future.

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