Should I keep contributing to my 401(k) or use those funds to invest?

I am 29 years old and I have an investment account with $30,000 invested. My portfolio predicts that my account will be growing at 6.29% annually. Should I stop contributing to my 401(k) and put those funds into my investment's account instead? My 401(k) is matched up to 3%.

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4 weeks ago
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If you find money under a rock pick it up- it sounds obvious but if you ignore your company match you are leaving money under that rock.  

You get a tax break for putting money into the 401(K) and you get a company match.


You probably have more financial goals beyond just RETIRING- so yes you should put some money into your -non-retirement account, and some into the 401k.


In general unless your 401k totally blows you should be able to achieve similar investment returns in your investment account as your 401k.  



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