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Should I keep open my UTMA account or liquidate the investments and transfer them into my Roth IRA, brokerage account, or HSA account?

I'm 29 years old and have received full possession of the UTMA account from my father who was previously listed as the custodian. Is it more beneficial to leave the account where it is or close it and consolidate the funds into my Roth IRA? UTMA balance is approximately $4,000 and my IRA's balance is approximately $9,000. Alternatively, should I transfer the money into my brokerage account or HSA account?

Investing, IRAs
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March 2019

Congrats on taking steps toward your future! If you already have emergency savings, which sounds like you do based on having money in a Roth, it might be a good idea to put it in your Roth. You have until April 15th of this year to contribute toward 2018 contributions in your Roth, for a max of $5,500. So if you have emergency savings  and don't need  the money for any short  term goals like a  home purchase, etc. consider maxing out your  Roth for 2018 if you  have not already done  so.  If you have maxed out  2018, then contribute toward 2019 ($6,000 contribution limit). 

March 2019
March 2019