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Should I make a lump-sum payment toward my student loan before any payments are due?

I was approved for a fixed-rate student loan that paid off the remaining balance my university requested at the time and allowed me to continue studying. At the start of the spring semester, I was awarded a scholarship and I was refunded half of my loan. I wanted to start making payments so that the interest does not get out of hand, but I wanted to do it in a way that would help my credit score grow as well. Would a lump-sum payment be the best option? Is there a better way to make payments, or will it not affect my score at all?

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April 2019

Pay off the student loan. Stay out of debt. If you want to build your credit score, go get a credit card, use it for normal purchases, and promise me you will pay off the balance at the end of every month. 

You will thank me later. The end. 

-Jordan Jones, RFC