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Should I remain an authorized user on my mom's credit card?

I'm 25 years old and I have no credit history other than this account for the last seven years. She makes her payments on time but keeps the card maxed out. I'm ready to start my own credit life but I'm not sure if having this account attached to me is helping or hurting. My credit score is around 580 and tools like Credit Karma show my credit utilization at over 100%. Would I be better off removing myself from the account and starting fresh? Will removing it negatively effect me? How does having an authorized account for seven years look to potential lenders?

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You have the right idea to focus on your own credit worthiness. Continuing on your mother's card is hurting you as indicated by a poor credit score of 580. Apply for a new credit card, or two, in your own name. After you have secured them, have your mother remove you from her card. At that point your credit utilization will drop to 0% and your credit score will begin to rehabilitate. Use your cards responsibly, for convenience, and pay off the balance in full and on time each month. You should see an improvement in your score within just a few months. After you have your new cards for one year, request an increase in the credit limits so as to make your utilization even lower. 

Remember, a credit card is simply a convenience and not a free ticket to buy things for which you cannot pay. And there are some great cards available with up to 5% cash rebates on purchases. Also, I recommend cards with no annual fees unless there is a very compelling reason to accept the fee in exchagne for mega bonus points and/or rebates. I recommend having at least two, preferably three cards to your name because they are so suseptable to compromise, at which time the bank will immediately shut the card down and you have no use of it until you receive a new card in about 10 days.

I wish you the best.

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