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Is using money from my Roth IRA as a down payment for a house the same as swapping my investment for real estate investment?

I am 63 years old, currently married, and have about $150,000 in my Roth IRA. I want to buy my own house, so I propose using at most $100,000 from my Roth IRA for a down payment. Wouldn't that be like swapping stock investment for real estate investment?

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Good question! I have a number of questions that would need to be answered before generally coming to a solution for you:

1- Are you currently retired? 

2- Do you have sufficient retirement assets outside of this Roth IRA you can use for income?

3- Have you recently reviewed your social security statement? and you spouses? 

It would be fairly simple to have a discussion to get this information to better understand how the pulling the 100k affects the bigger picture. If you'd like to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation consultation, you can do so by following this link: https://calendly.com/jcjones/investopedia

Hope to hear from you!

Jordan Jones,RFC


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