What allocation strategy do you recommend for those approaching retirement?

Me and my spouse are approaching retirement; how should we allocate our investments so that we can protect some and grow some?

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1 week ago
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The strategy is relatively simple in theory and somewhat complex in its execution. The key is to understand that you have very few years left to make up for a mistake. The question as you enter retirement is how much risk can you afford to take. If you lose $50,000 or $100,0000 in the stock market, do you have the earnings and/or wherewithal to replace it as you might've if you made a mistake at age 45 or 50? The key is to lessen your exposure to the equity markets prior to your formal retirement date. In today's economic environment and I'm assuming you've been extremely fortunate as we've had a positive equity market for the past eight and half years and just about everybody who's been in the market has done reasonably well, some more so than others. Take some of these gains off the table and move them into fixed-income. Unfortunately, fixed-income is not very attractive today as bank savings account are paying about 1% and even quality stocks are paying 2 1/2 to 3%. However, keep in mind how high the stock prices are and how quickly they could fall as even the best of the equity investments will fall when the general market is tanking. In other words consider at a bare minimum, a 60%/40% allocation to equity and fixed income and as you age, you may want to begin moving to 50-50 and then 40% 60%.  Be very careful that you're not caught up in the crowd that says "this time is different ".  It's never different in the market will fall and at some point it will recover. I hope this helps and good luck

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