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What are my best options for short term growth?

I have saved $2,000 for emergencies and have $5,000 to invest. I don't want to be risky with it as I am changing professions. I have done some research about ETFs, money markets, stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. However, I don't believe I have learned enough to make a very wise decision. 

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May 2016

It sounds as if you have much less to invest, in my opinion, if you may need it for your career change. Short-term investing is gambling. Investing is a long-term proposition. 

I would consider how much you may need and if it may be all, then keep it in a FDIC-insured high-yield savings account until you have more clarity. However, $2,000 is not going to cover most emergencies or replacement of income for any substantial period of time. What would you have if you had 3 months without income, the need to replace / fix a car or major asset, and a health issue for example? I think you may have greater needs for an emergency fund, especially considering the unknowns with your income. 

August 2016