What are some tips to pay less for long-term care coverage?

I'm looking for ways for my husband and myself to pay less for long-term care coverage. We are in our 50's and in good health. I keep hearing bad things about traditional LTC policies. What are some alternatives?

Long-Term Care Insurance
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August 2016

Great Question;  here are six tips to pay less for LTC- for full article click here 

These 6 mistakes may cause you to pay more for LTC

#1:  Doing nothing or waiting too long to act.

#2:  Choosing your policy based on price not value.

#3:  Not taking advantage of couples’ options.

#4:  Not factoring in inflation.

#5:  Not knowing exactly what you’re getting with your policy.

#6:  Ignoring Hybrid Policies that may save you money or get you more coverage.


Don’t put your head in the sand, you are in your 50’s. At least have the LTC discussion with your trusted Fiduciary CFP®. I like to think of investing in your LTC plan now is guaranteeing yourself some TLC later. There is real value to knowing that you and your loved ones are appropriately covered.

For More Tips for Life Insurance and Long Term care coverage click here:

Hope this info helps

By David Rae, Certified Financial Planner™, Accredited Investment Fiduciary™

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