What is the difference between an individual retirement account and an individual retirement annuity?

All these years I thought I had a "regular" IRA (I made $22,000 pre-tax deposits spring of 1985 and 1986), now the company is saying that it is an individual retirement annuity. Can you explain?

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March 2016

Though I do not condone it, you sometimes see annuity contracts held within Individual Retirement Accounts. Annuities are insurance products that can provide an annuitized stream of payments. They can be purchased in many individual, joint, survivor etc. Annuities often carry high fees and additional costs associated with the different riders and guaranteed income benefits. One of the major selling points is the tax-deferred growth of an annuity. However, that specific benefit is diminished when placing an annuity in an IRA because the IRA already grows tax deferred.

Hope this helps.