What investing approach should my wife and I take to pay ourselves back from an unavoidable loss in our non-retirement investment accounts?

My wife and I found ourselves in a difficult situation when we had to move for her job. We had to purchase a new house in our new city, but hadn't yet sold our existing house. We needed a 20 percent down payment on the new house, so we liquidated some non-retirement investments, understanding that we'd have to pay capital gains on the amount we liquidated. We've now sold our old house and want to "pay ourselves back" and reinvest the amount we had liquidated. I'm hesitant to buy back in to our mutual fund knowing that the market is so high and most experts see a significant correction on the horizon. What's the best way to get a large amount of money back into our investment portfolio?

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Well - not to try and time the market- but it has dipped since you submitted this questions.  If you are concerned about the market being at highs- consider dollar cost averaging back into an investment portfolio appropriate for your situation and financial goals.

Put in a set amount each month (ideally automatically) until the entire amount is reinvested. 

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