What major is required or recommended to be an investment banker?

To be an investment banker, does he or she have to have a background in analytics and accounting, or both? Are there any other degrees essential to be an investment banker?

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January 2017
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As a younger investment advisor who recently attended college, I will take a shot at this and say that the degree you attain is not as important as the actual knowledge you can bring with you to the investment firm and readily apply to their operations. As an investment banker, you will spend a good portion of your day analyzing the financial markets as a whole, spotting financial trends, and making investment decisions. I would focus your studies on areas that will increase your ability to comprehend the basics of finance, perform market analysis, and attain a practical understanding of economics. In addition to choosing your undergraduate degree wisely, you should also make sure that your electives are strategically selected. For instance, psychology, computer science, marketing, and statistics are all great courses that might make you stand out against other candidates. Learn as much as you can while you're in school, use your career service department to secure an internship, and maintain good grades. Good luck to you!

January 2017