What is the most effective way to pay off my deferred student loans?

I recently graduated from college and I have five different loans through the same private lender with mixed loan types (fixed/variable), high and low rates, and repayment terms totaling $76,000. All payments are deferred up to six months after graduation. I have a cosigner on all loans. I have 10 years of credit history with credit scores above 780. What is the most effective way to refinance to obtain a single repayment option that would enable me to pay down my debt quickly?

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2 weeks ago

I would consider checking out Sofi, a specialized student loan refinancing service. With that high of a credit score you should be able to refinance and consolidate the loans into one with a more favorable interest rate (income would also be considered). You should be aware we're in a rising interest rate environment, so a variable loan may not be the best choice. 

Lastly, set up automatic recurring payments to ensure you make progress towards paying off the loan. 


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