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What should I do with the $10,000,000 I just acquired after selling my company?

I just sold my company for $10,000,000.  The market is at its all time high. What should I do with the money? I am 47 years old and I have no debt.

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January 2018

Congratulations!  That is really awesome. 

Your question is one that many high net worth clients are struggling with and is certainly part of the reason that Bitcoin jumped so much this year- people were looking for alternatives to stocks and bonds. 

While I don't heavily advocate for crypto-currencies, the idea of seeking investments that are not directly tied to the "market" is a sound idea though given the high valuations.  Considering your sizable investable assets you have the advantage of being able to access private funds and other non-public ventures. Examples include real estate funds, oil and gas funds, and partnerships in private businesses, as well as even less traditional funds like buying legal settlements and making small business loans.  These can provide significant returns but they also can provide much greater diversification from the various business cycles that plague the traditional markets. Experience and due diligence is highly important with these investments however. 

Obviously, your goal should be to find someone who is competent and who you can trust.  My opinion is that you will be best served by someone who works in wealth management and has alternative investment expertise. Wealth management is different from investing/ insurance guys, and even differ from financial planners in that they work solely with high net worth individuals to integrate all financial aspects, whether that is taxes, interest, or asset valuations, etc, into a comprehensive picture that provides the most value to you. 

That said, while I'd love to help you, your situation is outside of my wheelhouse. Depending on your goals, I'd refer you to one of two people- Dave Anthony is more wealth builiding and uses alternatives, or Kirk Cassidy for charitable and retirement planning. They are both top 3 for most brilliant, creative,and innovative managers out of the thousands I've met. And perhaps even more importantly, they are straight shooting and squeeky clean. 

Good luck! 




January 2018
January 2018
January 2018
January 2018