What should I do with an unwanted inheritance?

I have inherited a house I never asked for and don't want. It is in bad condition and will be a problem to sell. The house is located in Pennsylvania. What are my options? What would happen to me if I let it go for back taxes?

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August 2017

You are typically allowed to refuse a gift or inheritance through a valid “disclaimer”. After disclaiming the property, it would pass on to the next beneficiary as if you had pre-deceased the person who you are inheriting the property from. In order for the disclaimer to be valid and legally binding, you typically need to: 1) have the disclaimer in writing; 2) give that written disclaimer to the person who is controlling the administration of the estate, typically called an executor; 3) complete steps 1 & 2 within 9 months of the date of death of the decedent; and 4) refuse to accept any benefit from the property you are attempting to disclaim. Would recommend you review the above with local counsel licensed to practice in your State.  

August 2017
August 2017