What should my ultimate goal be in a year after buying a long-term growth stock?

If I bought a stock now, what would be the optimal place you would want it to be at in regards to growth in price in a year?

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6 days ago

If I bought a stock now, what would be the optimal place you would want it to be at in regards to growth in price in a year?


Oh my goodness the market creates no guarantees. Understand this and believe this- no guarantees whatsoever!


You can take a company that appears to perform well and one bit of bad news can send the stock price tumbling at such a tragectory you actually do not comprehend what just hit you. You can wake up some morning and a weak market turns into an ugly slide.


The market post April of 2000 had this very effect. The market today, lost close to 800 points affecting sectors and stocks alike. Conversely, post 2008, investing in a superior stock or combination of stocks for the long term when the market was depressed grossed gains in one year, five years and ten years that would build a substantial portfolio to last a lifetime. Timing matters a keen watch matters.


The market provides opportunities to invest in sound and superior companies. The wiser man amoung us will see these opportunities and invest wisely. Please understand this is not a simple formula but a studied and articulate understanding of the financial market. Undersand opportunity and utilize opporunities wisely.


The average return on an Index, ETF or Mutual Fund Account invested in S&P 500 Select Stocks with superior return over a one, five and ten year period whose stocks holdings are making headway in the marketplace year over year should return 10-14% gain.


Bottom line, there are no guarantees. Please please please remember this. Remember this is what the advisor becomes a fiduciary of trust and confidence to understand risk and to invest wisely with this knowledge and information.


Decide if you will take on the risk. Before you jump you learn to swim. Before you invest you determine how to invest. Otherwise seek the best of the best counsel and develop a strategy that seeks gains based on company performance. 


if you are trading and or investing your hard earned money, it is your responsibility to understand any and all activity within your account and all market volatility and fluxuation of funds. 




We are available to assist with all of your investment needs. 




Very Truly Yours, 




Jan Attard, RIA, MBA, CMT





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