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What signs show that an investor is successful after a year of being in the field?

I know an obvious answer would be, "Someone making a lot of money is probably a successful investor." I'm talking about short term investments when returns most likely are not very high. What observations can you make from the market that tells you you're on a good path? 

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February 2016

What an interesting question. First, a successful investor must have a good understanding of risk. In other words he or she would need to know when to cut losses and sell his or her positions. They would have to operate in such a way that they did not allow their emotions of fear and greed to dictate their decisions when it came to buying and most importantly selling their stocks. A successful investor would buy stocks that are fundamentally strong (have good revenues and earnings) and that are leaders in their sector or universe of stocks. A successful investor would also be quick to sell their stock(s) when they become laggards in their sectors or in the market. Finally, it is much easier to make up for lost opportunity instead of lost money. Much success!

February 2016
February 2016