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What's the best thing to do with excess wealth at age 30?

I have excess funds and am unsure what to do with them I'm 30 years old with a stable job and single. I've already contributed to reach my company match on my 401(k) and maxed out my Roth IRA contributions. I have already set aside 1 year of emergency funds. Now I still have excess savings, and I'm unsure of what to do with the money. First world problem (I know), but what do you recommend to help grow my wealth?

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December 2017


No, please wait! Just kidding!!!!

My words of advice are this: Avoid any insurance product that is pitched for "tax deferral". May sound good now but such products are ridiculously overpriced, destroy liquidity and just push you into higher tax brackets when you do want your money. Let me broaden that to say, don't invest in anything that does not stand on its own investment merits without any alleged tax benefits. Never invest in anything where you need to borrow back your own money to spend it. Other than municipal bonds, in 30 years I can't think of a tax advantaged investment that I didn't regret using for my clients.

What to do: Start building a very solid boring portfolio of high quality large company stocks. Stocks are tax deferred until sold. Unlike annuities and insurance products, when cashed in you pay lower capital gains taxes instead of higher ordinary income rates. Individual stocks have no insurance or management fees. In 30+ years every single account of substantial size that a client has inherited looks nearly the same - filled with bellweather stocks (yes many pay dividends that are taxable, but like capital gains at a lower tax rate). Reinvest dividends when paid and take advantage of compounding.

Read about investing - not the BS "How To..." books, but focus on books about or that interview real successful investors. Read about Warren Buffett. Read the series of books by Schwager - The Market Wizards, The New Market Wizards...  Also "Just One Thing" by John Mauldin. Anything by Michael Lewis. By 40 you will be your own market "guru"!...and pretty darn wealthy!

December 2017
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