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When is it too late to invest in income-producing dividend stocks?

My husband is 66 years old and I am 70 years old and we have a registered self-directed retirement savings plan (RRSP) with $67,000. We have tax-free savings (TFSA) accounts with $75,000, some cash totaling $25,000, a small amount of gold bars worth $15,000, and we have invested in a condo with good resale potential. My husband is still working, but is semi-retired. We are currently investing the RRSP in several different sectors that have good dividends. However, the principle is not growing a great deal. Is this the best strategy for us at this late stage?

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July 2018

It's never too late to invest in dividend producing stocks. Even in retirement you should have some portion of your portfolio in equities/stocks. Dividend producing stocks also tend to be less volatile (ups and downs) than other stocks.

July 2018
July 2018