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Where should I put my savings to accrue the most interest?

I'm 26 years old, and have just finished off paying my student loans. I have an IRA at an institution and a 401(k) with my current employer, both of which I don't really contribute to, and around $16,000 in a savings account. I'm concerned that my savings are not accruing interest, and would like to move them into a high-yield account.

I'm comfortable putting $10,000 in an account that I can't touch for a few years (i.e. CDs), but would like to keep the remaining $6,000 in an account where the money is somewhat accessible in case of emergency, but also has a higher interest rate. Ideally, none of the money in my savings will go towards contributing to my retirement accounts (that's something I plan on doing more regularly with my paychecks).

Should I put $10,000 in CDs and the remaining $6,000 in a money market account? Or should I be doing something else completely, like putting the $10,000 in an ETF?

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October 2018

If this is traditional savings account you are looking for I would simply look at one of the online institutions offering very competitve rates.  My favorites are live oak bank and synchrony to name a few.  They are paying upwards of 1.8% plus on FDIC liquid savings.  This keeps your money extremely liquid and doesn't tie it up like a CD might for comparable prices.  As for an ETF you lose security investing there but if you are OK having a volatile experience certainly I think long term a non retirement investment account makes sense.  For now stick with savings as I think it best meshed with what you seem to be describing.  

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