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Why are particulars important in a portfolio so long as it is market diversified (say index funds) with a reasonable equity/fixed split (say 60/40)?

Taken by analogy of what Warren Buffet recently said, that "it doesn't much matter who is president." 

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September 2016

The important particulars in reference to index oriented investing have most to do with the definition of the market and the thousands of ways in which you can own it. The question then becomes which ways make the most sense?

Owning a globally diversified portfolio including US markets, International Markets, Emerging Markets and Alternatives is logical. However, the amount of exposure to each will be a large determinant of future performance and volatility. Particulars like the amount of small cap vs. large cap, value vs. growth, fund expenses and the importance of rebalancing of your portfolio all come into play. Hope this helps.



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