Why do my advisors make most of their trades at the end of the month?

It seems that my advisers make most of their securities trades at the end of the month. Is there a rationale for this?

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1 week ago

My follow-up to you would be: tell me more about your "advisers".  Their role, their company, or their strategies could help explain their rationale.  But my first instinct would be this (especially if they are compensated on commission): many companies reward/recognize advisers who had "the best month" in terms of sales and commissions.  So it's possible that your advisers are looking at the calendar and thinking "I need to make some moves to increase my commissions". Wire houses specifically will have monthly sales meetings, where the top advisors are listed in a Top 10 format on the overhead projector and given small gifts for their "hard work". 

If you are not referring to a wire house or commisionable agents, then they might be using a strategy that involves systematic trading.  If you are leary, compare them to an adviser who is paid a flat rate (or is not incented to make trades).  If it were me, I would press them further - ask them directly. 

Thanks for the question!

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