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Why do preferred stocks not follow the same standards as regular stocks?

Why are the symbols of preferred stocks different from brokerage houses and websites? Why do they not have the same symbol everywhere like a regular stock?

Also, many companies that have issued a preferred stock do not have that info on their website. Why is it not mandatory for all companies to display the same information for their preferred stocks like they do for their regular stock?

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October 2018

Preferred stocks do follow a consistent convention that generally includes the common stock ticker symbol plus a reference to the "series" of preferred stock.  The confusion is that many different systems use a different structure to get a quote.  For instance, to get a preferred stock quote on Yahoo, you will enter the ticker then "-P_"  P for Preferred and the blank for the letter series of the preferred.  Other systems will use a "." or "+" instead of the dash, and some may use "Pr" instead of the "P'.  If you are looking for quotes online, you must use trial and error or a look up fucntion to discover the correct structure.

All companies must list all the securities in their equity structure in their SEC filings.  You can find these in the annual report, 10K filing.

Keep in mind that Preferred stock sits between equity and debt on the balance sheet.  Many preferred stocks pay attractive yields because they may have no maturity- you are loaning the company money in perpetuity.  Additionally, the dividend payment is generally not required if there is any financial distress. Finally,  in a bankruptcy situation, bond holders may potentially negotiate some return of their investment; preferred share holders in practice lose their entire investment- like stock holders.

October 2018
October 2018
October 2018