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AFC Home Club

AFC Home Club

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A home warranty company that lets you choose your own service provider along with a host of member benefits, AFC Home Club wants you to have control.

  • Pros and Cons
  • Key Takeaway
  • Company Overview
Pros and Cons
  • You can use your own service technician

  • Coverage and exclusions are listed right on the website

  • Club member benefits can provide additional savings

  • Repairs are covered for the lifetime of the plan

  • Claims made on the weekend may take four days for service

Key Takeaway
  • You can use your own service technicians.
  • Member benefits can provide additional savings.
  • Coverages and exclusions are easy to access on AFC Home Club website.
Company Overview

AFC Home Club is a home warranty company that was established in 2009. Its headquarters is located in Marietta, Georgia. The company operates under several different business names, including America’s First Choice Warranty, AFC Warranty, Americas 1st Choice Home Club, Crast Inc., and America’s First Choice Home Club. All names operate under the same umbrella and it does not appear there are any major differences between plans or service agreements.

  • Year Founded 2009
  • Available Plans Four plans
  • Amount of Coverage Varies by appliance and system
  • Length of Contract 12 months
  • Average Yearly Cost $375 to $600
  • Network Use your own service technician or the company can select one for you
  • Customer Support 24/7 online or by phone
  • Customer Support Phone Number 855-613-4555
  • Recall Period After Repairs Last for the lifetime of the plan
  • Days Before Coverage Starts 31st day after membership sales date
  • Website

AFC Home Club is a national warranty plan company that provides a selection of four home warranty plans for customers to choose from. These plans can help cover the repair or replacement costs for major home systems and appliances. Customers may also choose additional coverage for items such as in-ground pools, double ovens, and tankless water heaters. 

When reviewing AFC Home Club’s plans, we studied their pricing structure as well as the type of coverage each plan offers, exclusions to coverage, and what kind of payout caps you can expect. Read our full review to see whether AFC Home Club is the right choice for your home warranty needs.

Available Plans

AFC Home Club offers four plans for customers to choose from. These include a Platinum Plan, Gold Plan, and Silver Plan, as well as a Systems Plan that only covers major home systems. The price you pay depends on the plan that you choose and which trade service fee (TSF) you select: $75, $100, or $150. Each plan also includes benefits as part of club membership.

AFC Home Club Plans Platinum Plan Gold Plan Silver Plan Systems Plan
Clothes Dryer  
Clothes Washer  
Kitchen Refrigerator  
Garbage Disposal  
Garage Door Opener  
Water Heater  
Air Conditioning  
Heating System  
Electrical System  
Plumbing System  
Plumbing Stoppages      
Ice Maker      
Built-In Microwave      

Selecting a higher TSF can help you save money by giving you a lower monthly cost.

Optional Coverage

AFC Home Club allows you to purchase optional coverage on things like septic systems and double ovens for an additional cost. The company provides these quotes as an annual cost rather than a monthly cost.

Optional Coverage Annual Cost
Double Oven $25
Central Vacuum $25
Ice Maker $25
Sump Pump $30
Tankless Water Heater $75
In-Ground Pool $100
In-Ground Pool & Spa $150
Hot Water Dispenser $25
Stand Alone Freezer $25
Septic System $50
Well Pump $50
Built-In Microwave $50

Additional Club Member Benefits

  • Free credit monitoring and identity protection alerts from MoneyTips
  • Discounts of maintenance-related parts and supplies (Encompass Simply Parts)
  • Discounted rates for ADT-monitored home security and alarm services 
  • Enrollment in Emergency Alert Network 
  • Deal Cash membership (provides savings on merchandise, food, and more)

Plan Pricing

AFC Home Club offers four plans and the price you pay depends on the trade service fee (TSF) you select: $75, $100, or $150. Prices are the same in each state, but service is not available in California or Hawaii.

While prices below reflect the price for a 12-month contract, the company does offer discounts if you choose a longer contract (three years), or if you choose to pay the entire amount at one time.

Total Monthly Cost w/ Trade Service Fee (TSF) Platinum Plan Gold Plan Silver Plan Systems Plan
$75 $50.00 $45.83 $37.50 $39.58
$100 $47.92 $43.75 $35.42 $35.42
$125 $45.83 $41.67 $33.33 $31.26

Check to see if your home warranty company offers discounts if you extend your service term or pay the entire amount at one time.

Plan Exclusions

AFC Home Club covers most breakdowns for appliances and major home systems. They do have a lot of exclusions, but they are about average for the home warranty industry. Although the company goes into full detail about their plan exclusions in the sample contracts, they also list the exclusions directly on their website. In their favor, this allows you to easily determine what your policy will cover without having to pour over the fine print when making a buying decision.

Payout Caps

AFC Home Club has different payout caps for different items. As an example, the company will pay $2,000 per item per membership term for covered repairs on appliances, but uses a grading system on HVAC units and a prorated amount based on the age of the system. They will also pay up to $1,000 on covered items for water heaters, but only up to $250 on items like ductwork. Since there are different payout amounts for different items, you should read over your policy carefully to ensure you understand each payout cap individually.

Repair Times

AFC Home Club states in their service agreement that the company is not an emergency service. As such, from Monday through Friday, it can take two days from the time you make a claim to when you can expect a service request assignment, and it can take up to four days if a request is made on the weekends. This is about average for weekday service when compared to the industry standard, however, it is below average for claims made on the weekends.

The company does allow customers to use their own service technicians, but you must receive authorization after you have made the claim if it is for a non-emergency service. In the event of an emergency, customers do have the ability to hire their own service technician prior to having authorization, but it is still important to file a claim first to ensure coverage even though you initially will not have authorization. 

Since the wording in the terms of the agreement is somewhat confusing in regard to this, we suggest reading over your policy carefully and asking questions when you first purchase your plan. This will help to ensure you do not violate the agreement in the event you do need to have an emergency handled by your own service technician. 

Customer Service and Claims

AFC Home Club accepts claims 24/7 online or by phone. It is important to note that the company clearly states in their service agreement that they are not an emergency service. AFC Home Club only assigns service requests Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (EST), and the company is closed on major holidays. 

Complaints and Third-Party Assessments 

AFC Home Club has a B rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This rating is about average for a home warranty company. They have had around 160 complaints filed in the last three years with about 60 complaints closed in the last six months.

We found that the majority of the complaints filed against this company come from a combination of slow response times and confusion by customers over what their policies should cover. As an example, a customer was upset because their air conditioning system was not completely covered, however, it appeared the system was what is referred to as “mismatched” or a “Frankenstein system,” meaning it is operating on pieces that aren’t intended to work efficiently together.

The company does appear to take complaints seriously, although the outcomes are not always to the customer’s satisfaction.

Competition: Sears Home Warranty vs. AFC Home Club

For our comparison, we selected Sears Home Warranty because of the similarity of plans, including the extra benefits both companies offer as part of their home warranty packages. Since AFC Home Club has three trade services fees to choose from ($75, $100, $150), we chose the trade service fee of $100 and compared their Platinum Plan ($575) with Sears Home Warranty’s Whole House Plan ($839). 

It initially appeared that the Sears Home Warranty plan provides more item coverage than the AFC Home Club plan, which could explain the higher cost. When we dug a little further, however, we realized the reason it appears they provide more item coverage is the way Sears Home Warranty breaks out some of their plumbing system parts into separate items of coverage. 

Although AFC Home Club covers these same items, they bundle them as one unit of coverage under the title of "Plumbing Systems" rather than breaking them out separately. As an example, faucets and toilets are each listed as a single item under the Sears Home Warranty Plan, even though both companies offer the same coverage for this type of plumbing issue. 

We next looked at the extra benefits each company offers. We found that Sears Home Warranty offers a free heating and air cooling check once a year and offers its customers discounted oil changes and tire rotations for their cars. AFC Home Club also offers benefits, such as free credit monitoring and identity protection alerts, special discount pricing for parts, discounted rates through ADT for security and alarm systems, partnership with the Emergency Alert Network, and savings through DealCash.

While Sears Home Warranty is the more widely recognized company, when it comes to the additional benefits and lower price that AFC Home Club offers, you may find it makes more sense to go with a lesser-known company, especially when you can further your savings by choosing a higher TSF to get a lower monthly cost.

  Sears Home Warranty AFC Home Club
Cost $839 $575.00 ($100 TSF)
Number of Plans Three Four
Support 24-hour call center or make your claim online 24-hour call center or make your claim online
Trade Service Fee $100 $75, $100, $150
National Availability Not available in Arkansas Not available in Hawaii or California

AFC Home Club is a moderately priced home warranty company and the amount of coverage the company offers is similar to other companies in their price range. What makes this company appealing, however, is not only the extra benefits they provide, but that the company allows you to use your own service technicians and you can see exactly what is and what is not covered on their website without having to perform a search for it.

How We Review Home Warranties

When evaluating a company’s home warranty plans, we not only review the monthly cost of a plan, we also take into account the overall costs you may pay, including service fees, price for additional coverage, and other costs. In addition, we look at exclusions, payout caps, the number of complaints they have received, and how a company works with their customers to resolve them. Finally, we consider length of repair times, quality of customer service, and any extra options and benefits to determine the company's overall rating.

Learn more: Read our Home Warranty Review Methodology here.