Founder & Managing Director of the Bitcoin-first Content Marketing Agency Rise Up Media


Bayes Business School, City University London


Bitcoin , Blockchain , Cryptocurrency , Capital Markets


  • Alex is a banker-turned-bitcoiner who ditched the bond trading desk for working remotely from all corners of the world, creating engaging and educational content for Bitcoin startups and crypto media publications. 
  • After working as a Corporate Bond Trader at Royal Bank of Scotland and a Fixed Income Salesperson at Australia & New Zealand Bank, Alex has been able to bring his deep knowledge of the capital markets into the brave new world of crypto finance.


Alex started his career in London on the European High Yield Trading Desk at the Royal Bank of Scotland, where he traded sub-investment grade corporate bonds and credit default swaps (CDS). 

He later moved to the Fixed Income Sales Desk at Australia & New Zealand Bank’s London office to boost the bank’s sales efforts in the German-speaking markets, dealing primarily with private banks, commercial banks, and mutual funds. 

After over half a decade in banking, Alex swapped his seat on the trading desk for a spot in co-working spaces across the globe - with stops in Thailand, Malaysia, Nepal, Singapore, Ethiopia, and Kenya - where he began a career in freelance writing and content marketing. 

In the last five years, Alex has contributed to a wide range of blockchain media publications and has helped numerous crypto startups grow by providing engaging and educational content that drives leads. 

Alex has written for Investopedia since December 2021. 


Alex earned a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Investment & Financial Risk Management from Bayes Business School, City University London.