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Syracuse, NY


Nazareth College of Rochester


Personal Finance, Career, Retirement, Credit Cards, Lending , Investing, Tax Planning

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  • Areas of expertise include career, financial planning, credit, tax prep, investing, and lending
  • Established track record with 8+ years of editing, researching, and fact-checking for various personal finance outlets across the web


Amanda Bellucco-Chatham has over a decade of experience in the editorial space as a writer, editor, and fact-checker. In 2014, she began a dedicated role as editor for a personal finance website and quickly established herself in the niche. Since then, she has researched, written, and edited content for multiple personal finance outlets across the web.

She has worked on thousands of articles and, topics of specialty have ranged from general career and financial planning advice to in-depth explainers on taxes, economics, investing, and lending. Her continued goal is to ensure journalistic integrity, provide readers with clear facts, and continue upholding Investopedia's reputation as an authority in its space.


Amanda holds a Bachelor of Science from Nazareth College of Rochester.