Writer, Health and Fitness

Resides In

Miami, FL


Louisiana State University


Health, Healthcare, Fitness


  • 5+ years of writing experience 
  • Has been featured in many publications, including the Reebok blog, as a fitness expert
  • Currently writes about health, healthcare, fitness, and careers in health and fitness.


Amanda Capritto is a freelance journalist and expert writer in health, healthcare, and fitness. She’s passionate about making health and fitness accessible to all.  Amanda has written for The Balance Careers, Verywell Fit, CNET, Livestrong, Slickdeals, Health magazine, and more.

Other work


  • Certifications: Personal Trainer (American Council on Exercise), CrossFit L-1 (CrossFit, INC), Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (Institute for Integrative Nutrition), Corrective Exercise Specialist (International Sports Science Association)
  • Amanda received her Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, with a minor in sports science, from Louisiana State University.