American Express Announces Carbon Neutral Delta Credit Cards, Launches New Offer

The new consumer cards will be made from 70% reclaimed plastic

American Express has announced that select Delta credit cards will be made from 70% reclaimed plastic. Along with the announcement, the card issuer has introduced new limited-time offers on its consumer Delta credit cards, offering up to 100,000 bonus miles.

Key Takeaways

  • American Express will start issuing new consumer Delta credit cards using a process that qualifies for a CarbonNeutral designation.
  • The new cards are coupled with a limited-time offer on three of its Delta credit cards.
  • If you're interested in getting the new welcome offer, be sure to apply by April 14, 2022.

New Cards and Welcome Bonuses from Delta and American Express

American Express and Delta have partnered to start producing carbon-neutral credit cards. The new cards will be made from 70% reclaimed plastic through a process that uses 89% less greenhouse gas emissions and 85% less water than the traditional process of creating standard credit cards.

The new cards have been certified CarbonNeutral, a designation established by Natural Capital Partners.

The new type of card is available on all of the bank's consumer Delta credit cards. It's not currently available for business Delta credit cards but will be offered on the Delta SkyMiles American Express Business Gold Credit Card later this year.

To go with the announcement, American Express also announced new limited-time offers on the three of its consumer credit cards:

Note that American Express has a once-in-a-lifetime rule for welcome offers. In other words, if you've earned a welcome offer on any of these credit cards before, you can't earn it again.

If you want to apply, though, these offers are valid through April 14, 2022. Be sure to compare multiple cards before deciding to find the best fit for you.

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