America’s Preferred Home Warranty Review

The ability to choose your own licensed contractors

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America's Preferred Home Warranty

America's Preferred Home Warranty

America’s Preferred Home Warranty puts the power in the homeowner’s hands by allowing them to choose their own service contractor.

Based on our review of over a dozen home warranty companies, America's Preferred Home warranty was not one of the best companies we found. To see other options that may be better, visit our list of the best home warranty companies.

  • Pros and Cons
  • Key Takeaways
  • Company Overview
Pros and Cons
  • Available nationwide

  • Ability to choose your own contractor

  • Offers hotel benefits if you’re required to leave your home to complete covered repairs

  • Since the contractor works for you, there is no guarantee on a payout from America’s Preferred Home Warranty

  • Large number of caps and payout limitations

  • Washer and dryer coverage not standard in plans

Key Takeaways
  • Unlike other providers, America’s Preferred Home Warranty has a living expense benefit in the event you are unable to stay at home due to repairs.
  • Choose from two main plans with one of three trade service options ($50, $100, or $125)
  • Pick your own licensed contractor to do the repairs
Company Overview

America’s Preferred Home Warranty, founded in 1999, is headquartered in Jackson, Michigan, and offers home warranty coverage for single-family homes, condos, new construction, townhouses, and multi-family units for individuals. There also are plans for real estate professionals. America's Preferred Home Warranty lets you choose the licensed contractor you'll use for your repairs, one of the few companies to do so.

  • Year founded 1999
  • Coverage Nationwide
  • Number of plans Two
  • Coverage limit $25,000 maximum aggregate liability
  • Contract length 12 months
  • Payment options Check, money order, or credit card
  • Cost $465 to $674 (not including optional coverage)
  • Contractor network None (you choose your own licensed contractor)
  • Customer service 24/7 customer hotline
  • Waiting period 30 days
  • Service recall period None
  • Official website

Founded in 1999, America’s Preferred Home Warranty offers different warranty plans so that customers can make claims to repair or replace covered home appliances or systems. This company has accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with higher ratings compared to other home warranty companies. However, one major concern is that there isn’t a payout guarantee on repair work. 

To help you make an informed decision, we looked at plans, pricing, coverage limits, and the ability to choose your own contractor compared to other home warranty companies.

Available Plans

There are two main plans available: standard coverage and the preferred upgrade—both of which have a 30-day waiting period after purchase. The standard plan offers basic repair coverage for items such as your built-in microwave, garage door opener, heating system, and central vacuum. The preferred upgrade gives you an extended range of parts and repairs not only on items in the standard plan but also in many items beyond the scope of the standard plan, such as dishwasher baskets, microwave linings, garage door opener keypads and transmitters, and coverage for the cost of a crane to install a new central air unit. 

Each coverage plan offers different pricing tiers based on your trade service fee—$50, $100, or $125. A trade service fee (TSF) is an amount you’ll need to pay when you make a claim and hire a licensed contractor to come to your home. America's Preferred Home Warranty's lowest trade service fee is lower than industry standards. 

Available Plans Standard Coverage Preferred Upgrade
Built-in dishwasher
Built-in microwave
Built-in oven
Central air conditioning
Free-standing range/cooktop
Garbage disposal
Heating system
Attic & exhaust fans
Central vacuum
Electrical system
Instant hot water dispenser
Trash compactor (built-in)
Water heater
Garage door opener
Hotel benefits
Permanently installed sump pump
Roof leak repair
Septic system
Water well pump
Built-in dishwasher (adds): racks, baskets, and rollers  
Central air (adds): refrigerant recovery, cost of crane, registers & grills  
Ceiling fan  
Central heat (adds): registers, grills and heat lamps  
Garage door opener (adds): hinges, springs, keypads, and remote transmitters  
Refrigerator (adds): refrigerant recovery, control board, ice maker and ice/beverage dispenser  
Special electrical package: fire/burglar alarm, lighting fixtures, and doorbell  
Toilets (adds): replaced with like quality  
Trash compactor (adds): lock and key assembly, buckets  
Oven/range (adds): interior lining, clocks, rotisseries, racks, handles, knobs, and dials  
Water heater (adds): sediment buildup  
$250 towards code violations  

There are optional upgrades which include water softener systems, jetted bathtubs, washer and dryer, pool, and spas.  

Optional Add-Ons Price
Pool/spa $15.42 per month; $185 per year
Premium/saltwater pool/spa $28.75 per month; $345 per year
Jetted bathtub $10.42 per month; $125 per year
Clothes washer & dryer $7.08 per month; $85 per year
Water softener $7.08 per month; $85 per year

Real Estate Plans

America’s Preferred Home Warranty offers real estate professionals a mobile app called Real-Pro®. This app allows real estate professionals to purchase, maintain, manage, and renew multiple warranty contracts. Realtors or brokers can also get a quote using America’s Preferred Home Warranty's online form or by calling 855-806-6678.   

Plan Pricing

America's Preferred Home Warranty offers different pricing plans depending on the trade service fee (TSF) you choose—either $50, $100, or $125. The pricing is in line with other home warranty companies offering the same types of trade service fees. Although the 30-day waiting period is in line with industry standards, the basic plan doesn’t offer washer and dryer coverage, which is often a standard coverage with many competitors. 

Plan Cost
Standard Coverage ($50 TSF)  $45.75 per month; $549 per year
Standard Coverage ($100 TSF) $41.58 per month; $499 per year
Standard Coverage ($125 TSF) $38.75 per month; $465 per year
Preferred Upgrade $10.42 per month; $125 per year
Optional Coverage Cost 
Pool/spa $15.42 per month; $185 per year
Premium/saltwater pool/spa $28.75 per month; $345 per year
Jetted bathtub $10.42 per month; $125 per year
Clothes washer and dryer $7.08 per month; $85 per year
Water softener $7.08 per month; $80 per year

Plan Exclusions

There is a detailed list in America’s Preferred Home Warranty’s sample contract which outlines what is and isn’t included. Items not covered include outside or underground piping and service calls where uncovered defects are found, in addition to other exclusions.

For example, free-standing range stoves are covered, but not for glass or ceramic cooktops. Connecting water lines for water softeners is covered, but not for repairs due to insufficient or excessive water pressure. 


Policies have a long list of exclusions. Be sure to read through a sample policy prior to purchasing.

Payout Caps and Limitations

A payout cap is the maximum amount a home warranty pays for work being repaired or serviced—the rest you’ll need to pay out of pocket. There is a long list of payout caps and limitations for America’s Preferred Home Warranty. Overall, the policy’s maximum aggregate liability is $25,000, slightly higher than industry standards. 

Here’s are some more specific limitations:

Covered Item Payout Cap
Commercial-like, Ultra-premium, or combination appliances $1,000
Heating systems $2,500
Hot water or steam heating systems $1,500
Geothermal heating $1,500
Air conditioning system $2,250
Roof leak repair $550
Concealed plumbing or enclosing wiring ductwork $500
Pool/spa $600
Premium/saltwater pool/spa $1,200
Washer and dryer, water well pump, and septic $400
Water softener $600
Humidifier $500
Special electrical package upgrade $1,000
Water heater $500
Refrigerator $1,000
Preferred upgrade package $200 more from base limit
Preferred upgrade package (toilet) $200 per occurrence
Special electrical package $250 aggregate

Repair Time

Policyholders can pick their own licensed contractor after approval from America’s Preferred Home Warranty. Once approved, you are responsible for calling the contractor to initiate and schedule repairs. The company doesn’t explicitly state how long it’ll take to get approval or if there’s an expedited service for emergency calls.

Customer Service and Claims

There is 24/7 customer service support via email, the online contact form, or phone at 800-648-5006.

To start a claim, you’ll need to fill out an online form and receive a claim number. You are then responsible for calling a licensed contractor to diagnose the issue. Once the contractor is on-site, you need to call claims back to receive approval over the phone or you risk the claim being denied. If approved, the contractor can start work. Remember, there is no guarantee of coverage, so it is best to contact the company first with as much detail as possible to better your chances of getting a claim approved.

Complaints and Third-Party Assessments

As a BBB-accredited service company since 2010, America’s Preferred Home Warranty has an A+ rating with an average of three (out of five) stars. There are 151 customer reviews and 159 customer complaints, with most of the comments in regard to America's Preferred Home Warranty not paying for repairs or the replacement of equipment as stated in the policy.  


When shopping for home warranty plans, consider the flexibility and overall coverage you get for the price. Every company is different.


To help you compare home warranty providers, we chose American Home Shield since it offers policyholders nationwide coverage and choices between different trade service fees. 

  American Home Shield America’s Preferred Home Warranty
Average Annual Cost $600 (average) $465 to $674 (not including optional coverage)
Plans Available Four Two
Support 24-hour online claim system Online, email, and phone
Trade Service Fee $75/$100/$125 $50/$100/$125
National Availability Nationwide Nationwide

Although it seems like American Home Shield costs more, there are some advantages to choosing this company. For one, there is more flexibility to choose different coverage options. Although you aren’t able to hire your own contractor, one key advantage of American Home Shield is that completed work is guaranteed for 60 days. 

Both home warranty companies offer similar payout caps and trade service fees, but given the work guarantee and options for coverage, American Home Shield is the overall winner. 


Use America’s Preferred Home Warranty if you are a consumer who wants the ability to choose their own licensed contractors with more budget-friendly options by choosing a higher trade service fee. However, those who are uneasy about the fact that repairs aren’t guaranteed or don't want the responsibility for finding a reputable contractor should look elsewhere. 


We use our home warranty review methodology to help readers pick the best plan by evaluating not only at the monthly cost, but the overall costs, including service fees, price of add-ons, and out-of-pocket costs. In addition, we also measure how they stack up to the competition in price, coverage options, and customer satisfaction.

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