American Express and Delta Debut New Card Design, Launch Limited-Time Offer

Select Delta cardholders can get a card made partially from airplane metal.

American Express and Delta have announced a new card design for Delta Reserve and Delta Reserve Business credit card holders. The promotional design is partially made with metal sourced from a retired Delta Boeing 747 aircraft.

The card issuer has also announced a limited-time offer for welcome bonuses on most of its consumer and business Delta credit cards.

Key Takeaways

  • Delta and American Express have announced a revolutionary card design featuring metal from a retired Boeing 747.
  • The new card design is available for Delta Reserve and Delta Reserve Business cardholders while supplies last.
  • American Express has also launched limited-time offers on most of its Delta credit cards, offering up to 110,000 bonus miles with some welcome offers.

Delta's Premium Credit Card Holders Get a Piece of the Skies

Delta Ship number 6307 has a storied past that includes providing transport for military service members, assisting in evacuating Florida residents ahead of Hurricane Irma, and uniting orphans with new families.

Additionally, the plane has flown 68 million miles over 116,000 hours in the air as a commercial airliner in its 27 years.

Now, Delta Reserve and Reserve Business cardholders can carry a piece of the Boeing 747 in their wallets. American Express announced that from June 16 through August 3, cardholders with the premium Delta credit cards can request the new metal card design, 25% of which comes from the retired plane.

Additionally, the limited-edition card will include some details about the plane, including its inaugural and final flights, miles flown and more. Note that the design is only available while supplies last, so submit a request sooner rather than later.

American Express Is Celebrating the New Card Design With Increased Welcome Offers

If you don't have a Delta credit card, now might be a good time to apply for one. In conjunction with the announcement of the new card design, American Express is also offering increased welcome offers from now through August 3. Here's what you can get for each card:

If you're thinking about taking advantage of one of these offers, take your time to compare each Delta credit card, as well as other travel cards, to determine which will give you the most value, both upfront and in the long run.

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