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Magnolia, New Jersey


Ramapo College of New Jersey


Small Business, Financial News, Technology


  • Andrew has 12 years and thousands of hours of experiencing studying, researching, and writing about small business products and services, taxes, politics, and technology.
  • After multiple years as a municipal reporter, Andrew served as the managing editor of six weekly papers in the Central New Jersey region.
  • Andrew is a four-time New Jersey Press Association Award winner for his news articles and feature pieces.


From municipal reporting on local politics for to covering small business news, products, and services for and Business News Daily, Andrew has a diverse professional history. His love of technology and desire to tell the stories that need to be told has been a driving factor throughout his career.

Over the last 12 years, Andrew has gone from covering multiple counties and managing prestige papers like The Princeton Packet to breaking down complex tax concepts for small business owners. He is a four-time New Jersey Press Association Award winner in multiple categories. He currently works as a freelance writer with recent clips involving taxes, small business tech solutions such as website builders, and developments in the cannabis industry.


Andrew Martins graduated from Ramapo College in 2009, where he earned a B.A. in Communications. During his studies there, he became enthralled with journalism, prompting him to take up a concentration in the subject. After a single semester on staff, Andrew ascended to the positions of News Editor at The Ramapo News and News Coordinator at the student-run radio station WRPR. He ended his time at the college with an internship at the New York Daily News. He credits his mentor, Edna Negron, for helping foster his entire career.

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"You can always look at technology and say, 'Oooh, it could be used for evil purposes.' But the deeper responsibility I feel is 'Ooh, this could actually be useful for something and it's not being used in that way.' It's the lost opportunities that I worry about." -Will Wright