How the Nordstrom Credit Card Works: Benefits and Rewards

How the Nordstrom Credit Card Works

Like most large retail stores, Nordstrom offers a rewards program and a store-brand credit card. Nordstrom offers two branded credit cards for shoppers: a visa credit card that can be used anywhere, and a retail credit card that can only be used at Nordstrom brand locations, including Nordstrom Rack, HauteLook, and Nordstrom Trunk Club.

For shoppers who do not want a credit card at all, Nordstrom offers a debit card option that still offers benefits but directly debits the customer's personal checking account. Nordstrom credit cards are issued by TD Bank, while its debit cards are issued by Nordstrom Card Services, Inc.

Key Takeaways

  • Nordstrom offers two branded credit cards for shoppers: a visa credit card that can be used anywhere, and a retail credit card that can only be used at Nordstrom brand locations, including Nordstrom Rack, HauteLook, and Nordstrom Trunk Club.
  • When shopping at Nordstrom and related stores, cardholders receive two points per dollar spent—where 2,000 points equal $20.

Rewards and Benefits

The Nordstrom credit card—both the general use and store card—offer rewards. To start, they offer a $60 Bonus Note to use for purchases, and two points per dollar spent at Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, HauteLook, and Nordstrom Trunk Club, both online and in stores.

The Nordstrom Visa credit card has extra benefits. These which include one point per dollar spent at all places that Visa is accepted, contactless payments, and no foreign transaction fees.

With either card, 2,000 points is worth $20 toward a future purchase.

Store cards, also known as private label cards, are unlike general use cards that have a Visa or MasterCard logo that can be used at any merchant.

Nordstrom also offers a rewards program called The Nordy Club. This is independent of its credit and debit card program, is free to join, and anyone can sign up for it online with a name, phone number, and email address. Once you sign up, Nordstrom can give you a debit card to use in store, or you can use your standard checking account.

Nordy Club members can earn one point for every dollar spent online or in stores, and their points earn them special statuses that unlock new benefits. They also get access to beauty and style workshops, curbside pickup of purchases, and first access to shop select brands. Nordstrom also offers members bonus-point events that occur during special times of the year. 

While credit cardholders receive double the reward points when using their cards (two points for every dollar spent), debit cardholders get one points for every dollar spent.

Where Can Someone Get the Nordstrom Credit Card?

Interested applicants can apply in stores, with mail-in applications, and on the retailer's website. Signing up for a card is simple, either on the Nordstrom website or in person at one of the many locations. An applicant must provide personal information such as name, address, and phone number.

In addition, applicants must provide secure personal information, including Social Security number, date of birth, employer, annual income, and driver’s license number. The company uses the information to check an applicant’s credit and background to ensure they qualify.

When signing up online, the decision is instant, and qualified applicants can begin shopping immediately.

What Kind of Credit Is Required for the Nordstrom Credit Card?

Nordstrom does not list its credit card requirements. While credit requirements are not disclosed, as with most store cards, the credit needed is generally fair to good. 

Where Can the Nordstrom Credit Card Be Used?

The Nordstrom private-label credit card can be used at its Nordstrom locations, including Nordstrom Rack, HauteLook, and Nordstrom Trunk Club, as well as the online equivalent of these stores. Nordstrom’s general use card can be used anywhere Visa cards are accepted.

The key alternative to the Nordstrom store credit card is the general use card. The general use card, issued by TD Bank, can be used at Nordstrom and its owned stores, as well as all merchants that accept Visa.   

Terms and Conditions of the Nordstrom Credit Card 

The annual percentage rate (APR) on the Nordstrom store card is between 29.65%. On the general use card, the APR varies based on creditworthiness—between 22.65% and 29.65%. The grace period (time before the payment is due) is at least 25 days from the statement closing date.

For the general use card, there is an option for a cash advance, which comes with a 30.65% APR, and either $10 or 5% of the cash advance (whichever is greater). The penalty fees for both cards are the same—up to $40 for late payment and $29 for a returned payment.

Who Should Consider the Nordstorm Credit Card

Nordstrom’s credit card is useful for consumers who shop at the store on a regular basis. The intro offer includes a $60 credit, while money spent at Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, HauteLook, or Nordstrom Trunk Club offers two points per $1 spent. For every 2,000 points earned, users get $20 in Nordstrom Notes, which can be used for future purchases. 

What Credit Score Is Needed for a Nordstrom Card?

Nordstrom and its card issue T.D. Bank do not publish required credit scores, but for most store cards a fair to a good score will work. Experian considers a fair credit score to be between 580 to 669.  

What Bank Is Nordstrom’s Credit Card?

Nordstrom’s credit card, both the store and general use cards are issued by TD Bank. The general use card, however, may be either a Visa Signature or Visa Platinum card based on credit. Nordstrom’s debit cards are issued by Nordstrom Card Services, Inc.

Is It Worth It to Get a Nordstrom Credit Card?

The Nordstrom card may be useful for frequent shoppers of one of its stores. Although the Nordstrom-branded general use card offers the same benefits and can be used anywhere Visa is accepted.  

How Do I Pay My Nordstrom Credit Card?

The easiest way to make a payment on your Nordstrom credit card is online. Cardholders can sign in or set up an online account via Nordstrom card services.

The Bottom Line

The Nordstrom credit or debit card can be a good choice for the frequent Nordstrom shopper and Nordy Club member. For shoppers at the store, they’ll get two points per dollar spent, but points can only be redeemed for credit toward Nordstrom purchases.

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