Frequently Asked Questions About Investopedia's Advisor Insights

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If you're looking for more detailed FAQs for current members of Advisor Insights, please click here.

What is Advisor Insights?

Advisor Insights is Investopedia’s free content marketing and lead generation platform for financial advisors. It allows financial advisors to broadcast their expertise to Investopedia’s 27+ million unique monthly visitors by answering investor questions (example) and publishing thought leadership articles (example).


Why Advisor Insights?

Online marketing is a key component of promoting one’s business. No matter where new clients come from, most customer leads research advisors online before deciding to work with them. Advisor Insights helps advisors reach these leads, expand their online presence, elevate their brand, promote their practice, and perform better in SEO rankings. Advisors get the distinct advantage of being associated with Investopedia, a name trusted by Google and investors alike.


What are some of the benefits of participating on Advisor Insights?

  • Receive qualified leads vetted by Investopedia's concierge service.
  • Earn perks by participating on the platform, including a professional marketing video and geo-targeted display advertising on Investopedia. See more on perks here.
  • Amplify your online presence through high SEO rankings, and through placement across Investopedia's site, newsletters, and social media pages.
  • Extend your reach through syndication to CNBC, Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, Nasdaq and MSN.
  • Get a personalized newsletter featuring your insights sent to your followers and Investopedia readers every week that you participate.
  • Learn about the search habits of investors and prospective clients, including their most frequently asked questions, with help from Investopedia’s Data Sciences team.


How frequently should I participate on Advisor Insights?

There’s no magic number - with content marketing, consistency is key, so we encourage all advisors to find a frequency they can maintain month over month. We recommend answering 2-3 questions per week and/or publishing one article per month. The more you publish, the more opportunities investors have to see your insights and to request a consultation with you. Some advisors find it helpful to set up weekly or monthly calendar reminders, blocking off time to work on content marketing for their business.


Can I share what I’ve written on Advisor Insights?

Absolutely! We encourage you to share your answers and articles in your personal newsletters, on your website, and on your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts.


What should I write about on Advisor Insights?

We recommend you answer questions and write articles as if you were communicating to your own current and prospective clients. Think about what questions and topics keep your clients up at night and address those issues. Advisor Insights is a tool to help you build your brand, so make sure you’re using your own authentic voice and commenting about issues that highlight your expertise and experience. You can read more about our editorial guidelines here.


How do I get client leads?

Advisors can receive leads in multiple ways:

  1. Investors can click on the “Schedule Consultation” button, featured prominently on advisor profile pages and on every piece of content an advisor publishes (answers and articles). This is how most leads request to connect with an advisor - after reading their answer/article, they want to learn more.
  2. Advisors who have published at least 200 answers and/or articles will receive vetted Priority Leads. These are investors who request to connect with a financial advisor after visiting some of Investopedia’s highly-trafficked pages related to personal finance and investing.
  3. In certain cases, a lead has a very specific request (geographic, area of expertise). In these cases, we will only connect them with advisors who have participated on Advisor Insights in the past 90 days.


Tell me about perks!

Perks are additional free marketing tools that advisors earn as they participate on Advisor Insights:

  1. Press Opportunities (10 answers/articles): Advisors will receive curated notifications when reporters are looking for quotes from financial advisors.
  2. Marketing Video (25 answers/articles): Investopedia will send a production crew to advisors’ offices to film, and then edit, a professional marketing video.
  3. Term of the Day Feature (50 answers/articles): Advisors can choose their favorite financial term and we’ll feature them prominently next to it in Investopedia’s Term of the Day email newsletter, sent to nearly 1 million subscribers.
  4. Geo-targeted Display Advertising (100 answers/articles): Advisors will receive 50,000 impressions through advertising on Investopedia, targeted to readers in their local area.
  5. Priority Leads (200 answers/articles): Advisors will be considered first to receive leads that come through highly-trafficked Investopedia pages.


How does Advisor Insights work with my Compliance Department?

We’re glad you asked! We’ve forged great relationships with multiple broker-dealers and compliance departments, who understand Advisor Insights and its value to their advisors. We currently have multiple profile options to satisfy a variety of compliance officers:

  1. Static Q&A + Articles Profile (Broker-Dealer Friendly): Advisors can publish compliance-approved articles and answer investor questions with compliance-approved responses. There are no interactive features and advisors will not appear on the leaderboard. (Example here)
  2. Static Articles Only Profile (Broker-Dealer Friendly): Advisors can ONLY publish compliance-approved articles – they do not have access to the Q&A dashboard and therefore cannot participate in the Q&A section. There are no interactive features and advisors will not appear on the leaderboard. (Example here)
  3. RIA Profile: Advisors can publish thought leadership articles and answer investor questions. They also have a “Follow” button on their profile which allows them to have our users follow their insights. In addition, they have the ability to be on the leaderboard and have a helpfulness rating. (Example here)


What’s the catch?

There isn’t one! Since Investopedia’s steady traffic generates advertising revenue, the platform is completely free for advisors. It’s a win-win for everyone involved: advisors get to promote themselves to Investopedia’s large audience for free, investors get access to sought-after information from vetted professionals, and Investopedia gets to publish high-quality content from financial advisors.


I saw what happened to NerdWallet’s Ask an Advisor - will the same thing happen to Advisor Insights?

Advisor Insights has grown exponentially since it launched in late 2015. Investopedia itself has been around since 1999, and Advisor Insights is part of our larger commitment to providing the best financial education online. As Advisor Insights continues to expand and attract more users,  we are incorporating feedback from advisors like you to make the platform an even more successful content marketing tool.


What does success on Advisor Insights look like?

Success on Advisor Insights can be measured in many ways. Even just having a robust, up-to-date profile on the platform is a net positive because of Investopedia’s domain authority with Google, and because of its brand credibility among millions of investors.

A key objective of content marketing is developing an audience and reaching the largest group of readers. This is accomplished through publishing consistent, original, high-quality information, which is what we encourage on Advisor Insights. Investopedia also ranks very highly in search results for wealth management terms, giving advisors even more of a reason to publish on Advisor Insights and reach prospective clients.

The average advisor on the platform receives 50,000 page views annually. As advisors continue to publish, automated page view emails are generated at different tiers (1k, 3k, 5k, 10k, etc), letting advisors know how their content is doing on Advisor Insights and indicating which articles/answers are especially popular with readers.

We have many advisors who have been using the platform successfully. Examples include:


How can other financial advisors sign up for Advisor Insights?

Financial advisors can fill out applications at It will take around 15 minutes to create a comprehensive public profile on Advisor Insights. Once they’re approved by our team, they’ll have the opportunity to schedule a brief orientation call, which will help them get started. If advisors need help with their profile, they can email and our team will get back to them promptly.