Despite the millions of blogs out there—some with great success stories—there are businesses who have not yet jumped on the blog bandwagon. They aren’t convinced that the time and effort it takes to start a blog and continuously publish regular content will be worth the reward. These are the people who still ask, “Are the benefits of blogging worth it? Will we see the return on the time invested?”

The answer is undeniably yes. Content marketing is a new (and proven) way for financial advisors to reach their clients and having a blog is unquestionably a huge part of this for your business. Today blogging is so much more than a person in a room writing about his thoughts on the world. Today a blog is an effective marketing tool for financial advisors and their clients; it’s also a way for potential clients to find you online.

When done the right way, the benefits of blogging are priceless for your business. It can help grow it, help clients connect with you, it will help develop trust and long-term relationships with clients, and most importantly, it will provide helpful information to anyone online looking for the topics you’re writing about. (For more, see: How Advisors Can Win at Social Media.)

When you become a trusted source of information, people will come to your blog to learn more about money management. That helps you to be perceived as a subject matter expert. That’s good because the next time they need a product or service they’ll contact you—all because of what you wrote on your blog. While that sounds like a great asset, the problem is that most business owners want to see the return right away. Unfortunately, that’s not how blogging works. Before the sales start coming in you have to provide help, relevant content and build up a loyal following. All this takes time.

In case you need a little more convincing, here are five more benefits of blogging. 

Attract More Clients

Providing valuable content on your blog that helps solve challenges your clients face will help you draw more prospects. You’ll achieve the most success by blogging consistently and by following a schedule. Clients want to know more about you and want to be able to trust in their financial advisor. Having a blog allows them to develop a personal connection with you. It also keeps you where you want to be: front-and-center with your clients. (For related reading, see: How Financial Advisors Can Best Utilize Twitter.)

Drive More Traffic

With every post you publish, you’re improving your search engine rankings and the likelihood that clients can find you quickly and easily through Google, Bing or Yahoo. Each post helps build a library of content on your blog that can be shared across the web and social media. That content can be shared multiple times, which keeps traffic and leads flowing to your site.

Convert Traffic Into Leads

Improving your email subscriber list is one of the primary goals and benefits of blogging. With each piece of content on your blog and each visitor that views it, you have the opportunity to gain a potential client. Using your blog to provide answers to your clients' most hard-pressed questions will make them more likely to subscribe. (For related reading, see: Top Digital Marketing Tips for Advisors.)

Drive Long-Term Results

Good content has more lives than a cat. Blog posts continue to provide benefits such as traffic to your website and potential sales leads long after the publish date. Say you write a post and it gets 50 views and you get three leads as a result. That’s not the end of it—tomorrow you get another 40 views and four leads and so on. As each day passes, you’re still driving traffic and sales leads from that single post. Multiply that by all the posts you publish—hello, sales.

Establish You as an Expert

A blog offers the opportunity to showcase your talents and opinions in your niche. Great blogs answer questions. Your clients all have questions and challenges they face; your writings can answer them. By consistently creating great content that helps your clients solve a problem, you’ll establish yourself as a trustworthy expert. Creating your own content and blogging regularly will show your clients that you care about maintaining the long-term relationships you’ve built. (For related reading, see: How Advisors Can Get Atop Search Results.

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