Social media is an important part of a financial advisor’s digital, and overall, marketing strategy. When combined with other marketing efforts, such as an updated website, networking events, client referrals and building relationships with centers of influence, social media can help drive sales leads in your business. Let’s be honest, not all financial advisors have as much time as they would like to dedicate to marketing themselves, but all it takes is one click.

There are some things that financial advisors can do to increase their presence on social media in less time than it takes to drink a cup of coffee. Doesn’t that sound like time well spent? Here are five things you can do on LinkedIn in less than 15 minutes. (For more, see: How Advisors Can Carve Out a Social Media Niche.)

Make New Connections

The entire point of LinkedIn is to network with people and share your expertise and knowledge with those who can help grow your business. For financial advisors that means clients, potential clients, centers of influence and colleagues. According to LinkedIn, there are currently more than 450 million members worldwide. It’s safe to say you can connect with at least 1,000 of them.

If you get stuck when trying to find people to connect with, don’t worry, LinkedIn will do it for you. When you’re on the homepage of LinkedIn (after you sign in) look at the top right-hand corner. There is a section called people you may know. Those are suggestions of who to connect with thanks to an algorithm. Here’s what it looks like:

Share Updates

Sharing information that relates to your business, your skills, your expertise as well as your audience is an important part of using LinkedIn to the best of its abilities. The more connections you have the more people see your updates and the more potential shares you’ll have. When your connections share your updates with their own networks people who may not know you will learn about you. That’s good for your business. It’s the online equivalent of an in-person client referral. (For more, see: Why Social Media is a Necessity for Financial Advisors.)

Following companies and news sources is an easy way to find and share content. You can see all updates from companies you follow on your homepage – all you have to do is click share. It’s important to always share information that relates to your audience so they'll want to share it too. If you deal with an older clientele sharing information about Millennials is probably not the best strategy.

Endorse Skills

One major benefit of LinkedIn is that every single time you take an action the person who you did it for is notified. One way to be your clients' first choice for financial advice is to always be on their mind.

If you want your name to pop up in front of a client all you need to do is endorse them for a skill. When you do, the notification flag on their top right-hand tool bar will turn from grey to red and they’ll see, for example, Tahnya Kristina endorsed you for a skill. When you go to a connection's profile you will be asked to endorse them for skills.

Join a Group and Participate

Groups may be one of the best kept secrets on LinkedIn. The easiest way to reach out to prospective clients on LinkedIn is to find something you have in common – such as a hobby or personal interest. LinkedIn groups have thousands of people in one place with common interests. It’s the holy grail of networking. Join groups that relate to something in your personal life such as the alumni group for your college, a charity or good cause you support or local groups in your area. (For more, see: LinkedIn/Microsoft Deal: What Advisors Should Know.)

You can answer questions, ask questions and share information. Every time you do your name and title will pop up in front of all the group members.

Like, Share and Comment

For the exact same reasons why you endorse connections for skills you should be liking, sharing and commenting on their LinkedIn posts – to get your name (and title) in front of their eyes.

When you see an interesting post give it a click to like and share. If you want to leave a comment that’s a great way to get your name out there too. All it takes is a single click so just think of how many times you can click in 15 minutes. That’s the efficiency of social media networking.

The Bottom Line

Social media is an important part of an advisor’s digital marketing strategy. In less time than it takes to drink a cup of coffee, advisors can connect with potential and existing clients on LinkedIn. (For more, see: How Advisors Are Leveraging Social Media.)