You’ve probably heard the saying by now that content is king. But as much as great content can be a powerful tool in helping your website gain success, it really isn’t the be-all and end-all of your website’s existence. So what else are you really missing?  

While having quality content is highly beneficial to generating leads or driving traffic to your website, your efforts for doing so are not maximized if you aren’t deliberately marketing that content you have. 

So if you’ve been wondering why blogs you are regularly posting aren’t doing you any good in gaining leads, then perhaps you need to brush the dust off your content marketing strategy, because it really isn’t enough to just have great content sitting on your website—there needs to be a solid marketing strategy behind it, which can turn your readers into eager leads. (For more, see: What Advisors Need to Know About SEO, Social Media.

What Is Content Marketing? 

At one point or another, you must have asked yourself, “how can I be found on Google or through social media?” Well, that’s the primary objective of content marketing—it’s to help you gain exposure and to simply be found anywhere and everywhere.

Okay, so how do you strategically market your content? You need to have a transparent plan that drives people from your awesome content to your leads list because they won’t randomly find their way there. This means we have to get a little bit more creative about how we generate leads. Thankfully, that’s where these following tips come into play.

Diversify Your Content Types

When do we ever enjoy reading a full wall of text? Probably never. So why would you ever make your content static if you’re attempting to attract readers and leads?

Instead, try including graphics, animations, interactivity and/or videos. Not only will your content stand out from the competition, but you’ll retain any loyal readers.

Advisor Websites offers prewritten articles for you to publish as your very own blogs and we also include videos and graphic-based presentations. Click here to learn how to use these. (For more, see: 5 Huge Benefits to Blogging for Your Business.)

Include Call-to-Actions (CTA)

People expect a request to take some form of action after reading content. After all, this is the whole point of marketing; to entice people to do something with the content they just received.

Whether it includes signing up for a newsletter subscription or filling out a webform to receive a free eBook, readers should not feel they’ve reached a dead-end. Instead, your blog posts should help promote your newsletters and these newsletters should help promote your eBooks and so forth—you get my drift.

The beauty of all this constant promotion of content, after content, after content, is that you can effectively retain lead information which further allows you to create follow-ups. From this strategy, you can better turn readers into customers. (For related reading, see: Top Digital Marketing Tips for Financial Advisors.)

Share Your Content Through Social Media

Nowadays, nearly everyone is on social media. It only makes sense to push your content through these channels to gain maximum exposure. After all, a lot of what today’s marketing is involves sharing content on social media. Consider integrating your blog to social media marketing tool Hootsuite, which can automatically post your blog entries to any social media network of your choosing. Click here for a tutorial on how to set this up.

Lastly, include social media share links on your posts to allow readers to share your content and promote your website.

The Bottom Line 

Content is powerful, but having a great marketing strategy behind it makes it all the more stronger and successful in doing what it’s supposed to do for you—generate leads. Content marketing is not only about the quality of content, but also the ways in which you allow it to gain exposure. That’s why sending readers down a funnel where they become leads is essential in making your content all the more worth it. (For more, see: How Financial Advisors Are Leveraging Social Media.

-This article was written by Fiona Leung and first appeared on Advisor Websites.


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