Digital marketing is ever evolving. Years ago, financial advisors only needed a website to have an online presence. Then came a need to be active on social media to find new clients and now there are ways to make both better with search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing and let’s not forget the king—content marketing.

It’s safe to say that growing your business online with digital marketing can be a full-time job. That’s why a lot of companies have a dedicated social media team. However thankfully for advisors, you don’t need to be a digital marketing expert to reap the rewards of being online. All you need to know is where find the right resources.

If your goal is to expand your online presence, here are some helpful digital marketing tools to consider. (For more, see: How Advisors Are Leveraging Social Media.)

Helpful Websites

Advisor Websites specializes in creating responsive websites and enterprise solutions for financial advisors. Having a website is a great start to gaining an online presence, but having one that's responsive—one that can immediately adapt to whatever device a person is using—helps clients visit your site from anywhere, at any time. Being able to access their favorite sites with a variety of devices such as smartphones or tablets can be essential to an advisor’s business. It’s also important to note that search engines such as Google favor responsive websites. If your website isn’t responsive, you may not rank as high in search results. That can be bad for business. (For related reading, see: What Advisors Should Know About Non-Responsive Websites.)

Twenty Over Ten offers responsive designs, custom domain names, hosting and Google Analytics integration for financial advisor websites. Integration with Google Analytics helps advisors understand how visitors are using your website. It measures online activity and helps measure the client's online experience in real time. When you know how visitors are using your website, you can adjust and improve their experience and make it easy for them to find the information they’re looking for.

Social Media Resources

Hearsay Social is a social media management platform that can help financial professionals build relationships with clients through social media networks. The platform allows users to schedule content to share, respond to comments, engage with followers and obtain user-based statistics from all social media channels in one place. For larger firms, it also offers brand governance, efficient supervision and review for compliance all in one place.

Advisor Social helps financial advisors get started on social media including account set up, integration with your website and marketing through content sharing. Getting social media set up is the first step towards enhancing your digital marketing strategy, and then staying active daily and sharing content your network wants to read is the next step. (For related reading, see: Twitter Tools Financial Advisors Are Leveraging.)

Search Engine Optimization

Advisor SEO helps put your business at the top of potential client’s page results when they search keywords about your business via Google—like when they type in retirement planning for financial advisor. This helps increase your online visibility and drive more traffic to your website from search results.

Rank 1st specializes in a variety of SEO tools and digital marketing strategies for financial advisors which include lead generation and Pay Per Click advertising. PPC marketing is a way to attract new visitors to your website. PPC ads can be placed in sponsored search results, on social media platforms and as banner ads displayed within other domains. The cost of a PPC marketing campaign depends upon the number of people that engage with—or click on—the ad.

Online Marketing

Advisor Web Marketing offers SEO, web design and content to help enhance your online presence. Content marketing attracts customers to your website through unique content on your blog, website and social media channels. Publishing original, valuable content that answers common questions helps build trust and develop relationships with readers, which will in turn grow your business.

Paladin Digital Marketing provides inbound marketing solutions for financial advisors. Inbound marketing is a way to reach new prospective clients by increasing your online visibility and website traffic. Increased website traffic equals more potential sales leads and more chances to turn those leads into prospects.

The Bottom Line

Financial advisors have more and more resources to choose from when it comes to starting, and maintaining a digital marketing strategy. These are just some of the tools and websites advisors can turn to as they rely more heavily on digital tools to attract and retain their client base. (For more, see: How Advisors Can Use Inbound Marketing to Grow.)