Social media has become a great way to stay on top of the latest news and information in the financial markets, but it's also a way for financial experts to stand out from the crowd and present themselves in the best light in a growing, competitive market. With a pulse on the industry, many independent broker-dealers have become great sources to follow given their unique insights and information.

Below are the top ten broker-dealers on social media, according to, and you'll find out where you can follow them to keep on top of the latest financial news and opinions.

Transamerica Financial Advisors

Transamerica Financial Advisors, Inc. focuses on creating, growing, and managing wealth through a range of financial products and services. With 2,138 Twitter (TWTR) followers, 5,236 LinkedIn Corp. (LNKD) followers, and 2,636 likes on Facebook, Inc. (FB), the company provides regular content and links covering topics ranging from start-up crowdfunding to estate planning for retirees.

Cambridge Investment Research

Cambridge Investment Research Inc. is an independent, privately-owned broker-dealer with more than $67 billion in assets under management, more than 650 associates, and over 2,000 independent registered representatives. With 651 Twitter followers, 3,222 LinkedIn followers, and 118 Facebook likes, the company posts a variety of content that may interest financial advisors and brokers, from political initiatives to educational pieces.

Lincoln Investments

Lincoln Investment is a broker-dealer network of more than 800 financial advisors nationwide serving a diverse base of nearly 235,000 clients representing over $24 billion in assets. With 562 Twitter followers, 1,544 LinkedIn followers, and 208 Facebook likes, the company provides a wide range of practical advice to financial advisors, including content covering things like beneficiary blunders to helping parents with “the money talk.”

Securian Financial Group

Securian Financial Group is the fourth-largest direct writer of group life insurance and operates a nationwide network of financial advisors providing sophisticated financial planning services to individuals and businesses. With 619 Twitter followers, 6,187 LinkedIn followers, and 1,324 Facebook likes, the company provides a broad range of content on its social media outlets, including information about its events and nice-to-know information for advisors.


Commonwealth Financial Network is the nation’s largest privately held independent broker-dealer and registered investment advisor. With 1,100 Twitter followers, 6,021 LinkedIn followers, and 1,152 Facebook likes, the company is one of the most informative broker-dealer accounts to follow, with content ranging from economic outlook to challenges facing financial advisors. The account is especially worth following given its nicely curated retweets.

LPL Financial

LPL Financial Holdings Inc. (LPLA) is the nation’s largest broker-dealer, a top RIA custodian, and a leading independent consultant to retirement plans, linking partners to more than 14,000 financial advisors and approximately 700 financial institutions. With 13,500 Twitter followers, 27,757 LinkedIn followers, and 12,329 Facebook likes, the company provides great insights for financial advisors and has become one of the most widely followed institutions. 

Ameriprise Financial

Ameriprise Financial, Inc. (AMP) was founded in 1894 and has grown to a global network of more than 10,000 local financial advisors. With 3,291 Twitter followers, 59,881 LinkedIn followers, and 116,741 Facebook likes, the company has become a leading resource for financial advisors with coverage on topics ranging from information about geopolitical events to tips for improving a financial advisory business by targeting the right clientele.

Raymond James

Raymond James Financial, Inc. (RJF) was founded in 1962 to provide investment and financial planning as well as investment banking and asset management. Since then, the firm has grown to include 6,500 advisors serving 2.7 million clients with total assets of about $500 billion under management. With 8,677 Twitter followers, 33,643 LinkedIn followers, and 6,109 Facebook likes, the company has become a great resource for both clients and financial advisors alike.

Voya Financial Advisor

Voya Financial Advisor (Voya Financial, Inc. [VOYA]) has more than 20 years of experience in asset management as a top 20 manager of tax-exempt and defined contribution assets, amounting to about $213 billion in assets under management. With 10,700 Twitter followers, 29,435 LinkedIn followers, and 67 Facebook likes, the company is a great resource for real-time news that’s relevant for anyone interested in the financial markets.

Wells Fargo Advisors

Wells Fargo Advisors [Wells Fargo & Co. (WFC)] is a leading network of more than 15,000 financial advisors nationwide and has been in business since 1852, making it one of the oldest institutions in the space. With 51,566 LinkedIn followers and 194,151 Facebook likes, the company provides a significant amount of compelling content for individuals, including everything from the best eco-lodges in the Caribbean to how aggressive a 401(k) portfolio should be over time.

The Bottom Line

Following influential financial experts on social media is a smart way to keep up on industry trends and financial know-how. And analyzing how these advisors deliver information over different social media networks could also be a boon for advisors looking to grow their practices and reach a younger, more tech-savvy client base.