Founded in 1916, just a few years after the Wright brothers' famous Kitty Hawk flight, The Boeing Company (BA) has grown to become a global leader in the aircraft manufacturing industry and one of the most well-known names in the aerospace and defense sectors in the United States. The company operates three business divisions: Commercial Airplanes; Defense, Space & Security; and Boeing Global Services. Boeing Capital Corporation supports all three divisions by providing financing for Boeing customers.

Boeing reported Q3 2018 earnings on October 24, 2018. The global aircraft manufacturer reported $25.1 billion in revenues this quarter, compared to $24.3 billion over the same period last year. As of November 19, 2018, Boeing has a market capitalization of $184.39 billion. Here are the company's four largest individual shareholders.

$184.39 billion

Boeing's market capitalization as of November 19, 2018.

W. James McNerney, Jr.

W. James McNerney, Jr. joined Boeing in 2005 and served as president, CEO, and chairman until his retirement in 2016. Before Boeing, McNerney served in several executive positions at General Electric and as CEO and chairman of 3M. He has a BA from Yale University and an MBA from Harvard University.

Per his last filing with the SEC on February 25, 2016, McNerney owns 437,689 shares of Boeing.

Kevin G. McAllister 

Kevin McAllister has been the executive vice president of The Boeing Company and president and CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes (BCA) since November 2016. Previously, McAllister was the CEO of General Electric's (GE) aviation business, where he worked for nearly 30 years. The hire was part of a push to capture more of the market for parts and repairs after an aircraft is sold, according to Reuters. McAllister has a bachelor's degree in materials engineering from the University of Pittsburg.

According to McAllister's last filing with the SEC on February 26, 2018, he holds 141,222 shares of the company.

Gregory D. Smith

Gregory D. Smith is the chief financial officer (CFO) and executive vice president of Enterprise Performance & Strategy at Boeing. Smith has held numerous positions at Boeing including corporate controller and vice president of Finance, as well as vice president of Corporate Financial Planning and Analysis. Smith received his bachelor's degree from Kennedy-Western University.

Smith's last filing with the SEC on March 2, 2018, shows that the Boeing CFO holds 139,501 shares of the company.

Dennis A. Muilenburg

Dennis A. Muilenburg is the CEO, president, and chairman of the board for Boeing. Muilenburg joined Boeing in 1985 and has held positions in their Programs & Engineering for Boeing Air Traffic Management department, Combat Systems division, and Boeing Defense, Space & Security (BDS) before becoming president and CEO of the Boeing Company. Muilenburg has a bachelor's degree in aerospace engineering and an honorary doctor of science degree from Iowa State University. He holds a master's degree in aeronautics and astronautics from the University of Washington.

According to Muilenburg's latest filing with the SEC on July 2, 2018, he owns 130,004 shares of Boeing.