BP PLC (NYSE: BP) is a British integrated oil and gas company with operations in more than 70 countries around the world. Its upstream operations were responsible for the production of 3.6 million barrel-of-oil equivalents (BOEs) per day in Q3 2018. The company's downstream operations include oil and gas trading and distribution activities, and the production and marketing of petrochemicals, lubricants, and fuels. BP announced Q3 2018 earnings on October 30, 2018. The oil and gas company reported $3.8 billion in net profits, compared to $1.87 billion over the same period last year. As of October 2018, BP has a market capitalization of $139.3 billion.

BP's ordinary shares are traded publicly on the London Stock Exchange and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in Germany. BP American Depositary Shares (ADSs) trade publicly on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). One BP ADS represents ownership rights in six BP ordinary shares.

Here are the top five institutional shareholders of British Petroleum. The information is current as of October 30, 2018.

Barrow Hanley Mewhinney and Strauss

Barrow Hanley Mewhinney and Strauss LLC is an American investment manager based in Dallas, Texas. It operates as a subsidiary of OM Asset Management plc (NYSE: OMAM), which is the publicly traded American asset management arm of London-based Old Mutual plc. Barrow Hanley Mewhinney and Strauss LLC offers institutional, governmental, and high-net-worth investors a variety of equity, fixed-income, and balanced investment strategies.

Barrow Hanley Mewhinney and Strauss is the largest shareholder of BP, with a reported 29.8 million BP ADS shares. The firm's investment in BP accounts for 2.2% of its total portfolio and 0.89% of outstanding BP shares.

The Vanguard Group

The Vanguard Group is an American registered investment advisor based in Malvern, Pennsylvania. It is the largest provider of mutual funds globally and the second-largest provider of exchange-traded funds after investment management company BlackRock. As of January 31, 2018, Vanguard has $5.1 trillion in assets under management.

Vanguard owns about 29.7 million shares of BP, making it the company's second-largest institutional shareholder. The firm has bet 7.1% of its entire portfolio on BP and owns 0.89% of the company's outstanding shares.

State Street Corporation

State Street Corporation (NYSE: STT) is a global financial services company based in Boston, Massachusetts, and third-largest institutional shareholder of BP. The company's investment management arm operates under the State Street Global Advisors brand, offering institutional investors a range of investment products, and research and advisory services.

State Street Corporation owns roughly 27.6 million shares of BP ADS, which represents 0.83% of the company. The firm's investment in BP represents just 0.11% of its total assets.

Dimensional Fund Advisors, Inc.

Dimensional Fund Advisors, Inc. is an American investment manager serving institutional and individual investors in North America, Europe, and Asia. The Dimensional Fund Advisors' approach to investment is founded on the use of cutting-edge academic research. It has long-nurtured close relationships with leading academics in the field of finance, including the 2013 Nobel Prize Laureate Eugene F. Fama, who is a founding shareholder of the firm and a member of its board of directors. 

Dimensional Fund Advisors, Inc. owns 20.4 million BP ADS shares, equivalent to roughly 0.61% of the company's outstanding shares. The firm technically holds an additional 17 million shares of BP ADS under Dimensional Fund Advisors LP.

FMR Co., Inc.

FMR Co., Inc. is a privately-owned investment manager based in Boston, Massachusetts, with additional offices in Chicago, Denver, and Miami. While the firm primarily services investment companies, it also caters to pooled investment vehicles, investment advisors, government entities, and propriety funds. FMR operates as a subsidiary of Fidelity Management & Research Company.

With 16.1 million shares of BP ADS, the investment manager comes in at number five for the company's largest institutional shareholders. Although the shares account for only 0.08% of FMR's total assets, they represent about 0.48% of the BP.